Go Section 8 Rental Listings

Advertising and locating property has never been easier!

The Housing Authority has partnered with www.Gosection8.com which provides an enhanced program to list rental properties online.  Listings are available to potential Housing Choice Voucher holders seeking apartments, duplexes, single-family homes or townhomes in the private market.

Landlords add your property here:

Tenants view property listings here:

 Landlord Briefing Package

Landlord Briefing Packet

Exhibit 1 HUD 52646

Exhibit 2 HUD 52667 - Utility Allowance (EXAMPLE)

HUD 52641 - HAP Contract

HUD 52641A - Tenancy Addendum

HUD 52517 - RFTA

HUD 52580A - Insp Form

Exhibit 4 2nd Part Checklist for HQS

Exhibit 5 W-9

Housing Choice Voucher Guidebook