Application Process

  • Applicants must be able to present positive identification (drivers license, state I.D., valid employment verification with a picture).
  • Applicants are placed on waiting lists according to application date and time and receipt of application. The waiting list is usually 12 to 18 months.
  • As applicants move closer to the top of the waiting list, an eligibility appointment will be made.


  • Applicant(s) are screened for drug-related criminal activity.
  • Applicant(s) are screened for alcohol and /or criminal-related activity.
  • Applicant(s) are screened for criminal activity that could pose a threat to the peaceful enjoyment of other residents on the property.


Documentation Necessary for Eligibility

  • Birth Certificate (for each family member who will be on the lease)
  • Social Security card (for each family member who will be on the lease)
  • Verification of income
  • Valid declaration of legal immigration status (if necessary)
  • Other documentation deemed necessary for eligibility


Income Requirements for Eligibility

Rents are based upon anticipated total family income less deductions. Income includes that of all members of the family such as wages, overtime, commissions, AFDC, pensions, and alimony. The size of the dwelling unit does not effect the rent. The maximum income for number of persons in a household is as follows (as of 02/04):



Very Low

30% of Median

1 Person

$27,800 $17,350 $10,450

2 Persons

$31,750 $19,850 $11,900

3 Persons

$35,750 $22,300 $13,400

4 Persons

$39,700 $24,800 $14,900

5 Persons

$42,900 $26,800 $16,100

6 Persons

$46,050 $28,750 $17,300

7 Persons

$49,250 $30,750 $18,500

8 Persons

$52,400 $32,750 $19,650